About Us

About Us

If the scout won’t come to the talent, bring the talent to the scout.

At Pitch we believe there is a better way to get talented footballers recognised by scouts, coaches and managers. We believe we promote the dream of playing at the best of your potential so we want to help individuals promote physical excellence and to support inclusion for all to be identified. Pitch is not just about playing football at professional standards, it’s about getting to the best of your ability and allowing unprecedented access to football industry experts that could help you pitch your talent.

The dream

Pitch started as a dream and so we feel we want to help others to achieve their dreams. Saul Cuttell created Pitch because when he was a young man he always wanted to play football but always got overlooked for the school teams until he grew up and got a physically bigger and stronger. By this time, it was deemed that if he were to play at any good standard he would have been found by now. He has now realised this is still the case today and that this does not need to be this way. Instead, he thought there must be a better way that players can get recognised and play at the best of their ability. So now Pitch is here to help all to strive to be the best that they can be.

Our ethos

Talent identification is getting reinvented, the old system is broken, Pitch is here to fix it. No longer do you need to worry about getting recognised or exposure to scouts, managers and coaches in the UK. We pitch inspirational talent through innovation to the football industry.

PitchRMT LTD is sponsored for business growth by Northampton County Council and the European Regional Development Fund.