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Have you been released from a football academy?

Pitch is the only UK football talent identification system that has unique access for scouts, managers and coaches from semi-professional to professional football clubs.

Do you want a second chance to show what you can do?

Pitch is a system that challenges the status quo of scouting and talent identification for football in the UK. So, take your chance, make a profile today and Pitch your talent with one of our bespoke packages;

Bronze - free (minimum talent identification score and access to scouts/coaches and managers)

Silver - £19.99 a month (increase your talent identification score with more tests and gain increased exposure to scouts/managers)

Gold - £29.99 (maximum talent identification score with more tests and gain increased exposure to scouts/managers)

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  • Jump test

  • Aerobic test

  • Sprint test

  • Psychology test

  • Agility Test

  • Balance Test

The creators
& contributors

  • Saul Cuttell

    Saul Cuttell, the creator and founder of PitchRMT is a Sport and Exercise Scientist / Lecturer and Strength and Conditioning Coach with an unwavering passion for all things sports, exercise, fitness and football.

  • Dr Nathan Smith

    Nathan is an Exercise Psychologist that completed his PhD at Birmingham University. Nathan has a real passion for Sport and Exercise and in particular extreme environments.

  • Dr Simon Phelan

    Simon is an ex international athlete and has competed at some of the highest sporting standards in the world. Simon completed his PhD at Birmingham University and has a deep-rooted fascination with the coaching process.



  • 01.09.2018 Pitch

    So, What is Pitch?

    Pitch is an innovative and new website that links players to scouts and has even been termed the LinkedIn or Tinder of football.

  • 01.09.2018 Pitch

    Pitching Your Talent

    Talent ID in a great deal of sports tends to focus on the various elements of performance, but football is seemingly different.

  • 01.09.2018 Pitch

    Fitness Testing for the Footballer?

    Fitness tests, one of the many topics of discussion sports enthusiasts, coaches, scouts and even sports scientists cover at lunch (rock n roll, right?).

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